How To Use Water Soluble Fertilizers

Like any living organism, plants need food to grow into its fullest potential. We’ll discuss and explain how to use Peters Water Soluble Fertilizers in your grow systems.

How To Install UV Polyethylene Plastic Film on Greenhouse

One of the most frequent questions we get is how to apply UV polyethylene film on the trusses of a greenhouse roof when the width of the roof is longer than the width of the film.

How To Install Lock Channels and Wiggle Wires on Greenhouse

The best way to attach UV polyethylene plastic film and fine mesh insect nets on a steel frame greenhouse is by using lock channels and wiggle wires

How To Transplant A Seedling Into 2″ Netpot for NFT.

An easy way to transplant seedlings into net pots for NFT hydroponics systems.

Vertical A-Frame NFT Grow System

One of the benefits of growing inside of a greenhouse is the ability to set up Vertical NFT Grow Systems, also known as A-frame NFT Systems.

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The Dutch Bucket System

Dutch Buckets offer the greatest versatility in growing different crops due to its customizable features and flexibility in arrangement and can be used for both hydroponics and aquaponics.

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