Rizza’s Reflections – April 2022

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I started doing yoga a year ago and I could really tell that it helps me a lot!  I somehow became a “keep-fit-fanatic” and enrolled myself in a gym. I have seen and experienced a lot of improvements not just in my physical strength but also positively influencing my emotional wellbeing, psychological and social functioning. I feel better now than before! Knowing what I know now as a mid-20yr old about health and fitness, I wonder why many others in my age-group have not discovered how to feel good.

Food is delicious! You just have to learn how to balance it.

From my perspective, the three common habits that prevents people from being and feeling healthy starts with not getting enough sleep, leaving you feeling sluggish and heavy the following day. It all starts with sleeping and resting properly. A lack of good rest sets the lackluster mood for people to tend to crave for sugary, starchy, and meaty food resulting in a downward spiral weakening your inner health and increasing the chances of getting sick.

Secondly, the regressive habit of people to give up easily on a change of lifestyle, diet, and exercise. The empty, deprived feeling of switching to “healthier” foods is a strong force that draws people back to their old ways.

Where in fact, it’s totally fine not to give up your comfort food but rather place emphasis on moderation. Food is delicious! You just have to learn how to balance it.

Lastly, the wavering commitment we tend to have when it comes to exercising 45-60 minutes per day. Whether a leisurely stroll or intense workout, we need to have motivation to keep moving and warming up your body. If you don’t move regularly every day, chances are you might develop future heart problems and other easily preventable diseases.

These are just some examples that limit the most of us towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you really want to be in a good mental state and physical condition, you have to start by changing your mindset. Would you rather eat healthy now or buy expensive medicine later?

When you eat salad greens regularly you’ll notice the difference in a matter of days. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed, feel more energetic throughout the day, and your focus and concentration are improved. I like how eating healthy make my skin glow!

Being healthy inside and out is a must. Be more open to the benefits of being healthy. Set up a goal and stay focused on achieving them. Go at your own pace, but stay consistent. It’s never too late for you to think, eat and be healthy.