Tet’s Thoughts – April 2022

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When we started our humble business, our main goal and advocacy was to educate people on how to grow nutritious vegetables and eat healthy. We started with selling garden and farm supplies, eventually worked our way towards designing, building and constructing tropical greenhouses while introducing different types of recirculating hydroponic systems and specializing in growing nutritious high-value vegetables.  

It was challenging at first as we know it’s hard to divert people’s eating habits to a healthier option, like including greens in their diet. It’s sad that most people won’t realize it until it’s too late. From the beginning, I have been a believer of clean, healthy eating to live longer, healthier, and happier.

What you feed your body makes a big difference in your daily life

As a yoga teacher, we embody how we love our bodies, how we think, and how we eat. We learn how to be physically, mindfully present and clean, nutritious, healthy eating is a regular thing for us. Whatever we do in life, yoga shows us how to do it better.  

At Greengold Farms, we share our journey by being focused on one goal – to have a greener and healthier lifestyle. We are motivated to make a long term lifestyle change for others by reflecting on the testimonies of our clients, our customers, and our partners. These things motivate us to do more and be more. 

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: It doesn’t take a global pandemic to make people realize that living a healthy lifestyle is a must. Start with yourself and your future self will thank you.