Where is your store located?

We believe in making product availability and delivery as convenient as possible for our customers. Both our Lazada shop and Shopee store can facilitate door-to-door delivery (and have COD for selected items). For large orders we can facilitate a transaction to ship items via AP Cargo or 2Go freight. Customers can also pick up items at our office in Pampanga if it’s more convenient.

Where is Greengold Farms Located?

Our office is located in Angeles City, Pampanga. It’s easy to find us on Waze or Google Maps. If you’re in the area and looking for the building, just look up and find a rooftop greenhouse! If you’re looking to visit some of our project sites, you can search for them on Google Maps or Waze under keyword: ‘Greengold Farms Greenhouse’.

What is Greengold Farms?

Many people ask us what we’re all about. Our answer is simple: Greengold Farms (GG Farms) is every single farm or garden belonging to our loyal customers that have purchased our products or used our services for the purpose of growing their plants. Our goal is to provide products, services, and knowledge to the community to make plant production fun, easy, and productive.



I want to buy something. How do I order?

You can either order via Lazada or Shopee (use voucher codes for additional discounts!) or contact us directly via email, call, text, or FB.


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