Can we visit your greenhouse?

Bale Verde, our rooftop greenhouse, is not open to any visitors. This is to keep the greenhouse isolated from any bugs and insects that may destroy our crops. We don’t like using pesticides so therefore it needs to be a clean environment. We understand many of you are interested in learning how we use modern technology in greenhouse applications, so we encourage you to follow our blogs and social media accounts (FB, IG, and YT).

Do you offer seminars or trainings regarding hydroponics or aquaponics?

We’re constantly getting flooded with requests if we offer seminars or training for hydroponics or aquaponics. We understand there are many of you eager to learn more. And while there are several businesses offering seminars for a fee, we believe training how to successfully grow vegetables should be free. That’s why we’re actively engaged in blogging and vlogging to write about various topics that are important for everyone to learn. You can find the complete list of articles by clicking on ARTICLES from the menu. Also, make sure you subscribe to our Youtube and Instagram channels for useful videos and images. Just find us by searching for “Greengold Farms Pampanga”.

Where is Greengold Farms Located?

Our office is located in Angeles City, Pampanga. It’s easy to find us on Waze or Google Maps.

What is Greengold Farms?

Many people ask us what we’re all about. Our answer is simple: Greengold Farms (GG Farms) is every single farm or garden belonging to our loyal customers that have purchased our products or used our services for the purpose of growing their plants. Our goal is to provide products, services, and knowledge to the community to make plant production fun, easy, and productive. To meet our team, click here.  



Are all your products available?

Our online shop catalog contains many of our own products but we also highlight other products from different sellers on Lazada. We want to offer you a big selection of products that you can choose from. Do keep in mind that if a product is not in stock, you’ll see ‘Add to Wishlist’ instead of ‘Buy Now’.

Do you have a physical store?

No we don’t.

I want to buy something. How do I order?

Browse our shop’s catalog for products you’re interested in. Follow the link and you’ll be redirected to Lazada’s platform where you’ll be able to complete the transaction. For large orders, please email us at or give us a call at (045) 409-1127

Where is your store located?

We believe in making product availability and delivery as convenient as possible for our customers. Both our Lazada shop and Shopee store can facilitate door-to-door delivery (and have COD for selected items). For large orders we can facilitate a transaction to ship items via AP Cargo or 2Go freight. Customers can also pick up items at our office in Pampanga if it’s more convenient.



What kind of projects do you do?

Our projects are centered around greenhouses, grow systems, and irrigation systems but we help our clients with a variety of other projects ranging from small to large size and scope. Feel free to reach out to us at to discuss your project.

What is your honesty policy regarding projects?

At Greengold Farms Pampanga (GG Farms), we believe in doing the right thing. If you are thinking of contacting us for a project that involves any kind of corruption, collusion, misconduct, or any dishonesty – we respectfully decline any offers for participation as this does not align with our company principles. This especially applies to overtures made by any private sector contractor and public sector employees. While we understand your need to earn money, we believe there is a right way of doing so. Sadly, there is no shortage of companies and individuals willing to accept working under those circumstances, so feel free to reach out to them instead while we continue to move forward to set the right example.


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