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Do you use pesticides and fungicides?

Absolutely not! We are morally against using toxins in our cultivation processes to ensure that our customers can eat safe, clean, and fresh produce. While hydroponics systems are technically not classified as “organic”, we can certainly say that our produce is pesticide-free and fungicide-free. To find out more how we grow our vegetables, please read our articles in the blog section and follow our social media channels.

How do I order from your shop?

Ordering Instructions Browse shop for your favorite lettuce variety. Click on product. Select Package Size option and enter Quantity. Single Serving Size. Family Serving Size. If wholesale, the quantity is per kilo. Click Order Now. If you’d like to order other varieties, click the Continue Shopping button on the top. If you’d like to adjust quantities, use the arrows then click the Update Cart button to recalculate the total. If you have a Coupon Code, enter in the box and hit Apply Coupon. To check how much the shipping fee is to your location, use the Calculate Shipping option. Enter province, city, and zipcode to check availability of courier service to your area and cost. Please note, the courier can only serve Pampanga, Clark, Subic and Tarlac areas. Click Proceed to Checkout. Enter Billing Details and Shipping Address details. Select your preferred shipping option If you’d like to schedule your own courier service at your own cost, please select this option. Pickup location is in Arayat, Pampanga. Select Scheduled Lalamove Delivery for scheduled orders. Please indicate in the special instructions box what time and date you’d like to receive your orders between 9am – 6pm (Mon-Sun). Choose payment option in Checkout page (GCash, GrabPay, VISA,…

Do you deliver to my location?

We have an arrangement with Lalamove to pick up produce fresh from our farm and deliver directly to your location. We’re committed to delivering our greens to you as fresh and fast as possible. The area currently served is Angeles City, San Fernando, Clark, Subic, and Tarlac but we’re working on covering a lot more areas.

Where can I buy your lettuce?

You may browse our full selection of amazing lettuces at or through the shops of our social media channels (Facebook/Instagram). And we’ve set up various channels for you to stay up to date with the harvest schedules of our amazing lettuce. Whether you use Telegram, Viber, or WhatsApp, you can join our channel and get frequent updates on what’s growing and when the harvest dates are. From there, you can DM any of us directly to arrange delivery from our farm to your table. Or you can call us directly at 09198336929.



Are you hiring?

Yes! We are always looking for greenhouse growers  who demonstrate a passion for growing plants and vegetables. The right candidate should possess the following traits:   Background in agriculture/horticulture Have a passion for growing plants and vegetables Healthy and fit with a super positive attitude Able to learn new information Responsible, trustworthy, and dependable Excited to travel and stay in different locations Adapt to new surroundings and environments Exemplary work-ethic, determination, and commitment to success   If this is you, please go to and send us your resume/cv to

Can we visit your greenhouse?

Our greenhouse is not open to any visitors. This is to keep the greenhouse isolated from any bugs and insects that may destroy our crops. We don’t like using pesticides so therefore it needs to be a clean environment. We understand many of you are interested in learning how we use modern technology in greenhouse applications, so we encourage you to follow our blogs and social media accounts (FB, IG, and YT).

Do you offer seminars or trainings regarding hydroponics or aquaponics?

We’re constantly getting flooded with requests if we offer seminars or training for hydroponics or aquaponics. We understand there are many of you eager to learn more. And while there are several businesses offering seminars for a fee, we believe training how to successfully grow vegetables should be free. That’s why we’re actively engaged in blogging and vlogging to write about various topics that are important for everyone to learn. You can find the complete list of articles by clicking on ARTICLES from the menu. Also, make sure you subscribe to our Youtube and Instagram channels for useful videos and images. Just find us by searching for “Greengold Farms Pampanga”.

Where is Greengold Farms located?

We’re based in Angeles City, Pampanga.

What is Greengold Farms?

Many people ask us what we’re all about. Our answer is simple: Greengold Farms (GG Farms) is every single farm or garden belonging to our loyal customers that have purchased our products or used our services for the purpose of growing their plants. Our goal is to provide products, services, and knowledge to the community to make plant production fun, easy, and productive. To meet our team, click here.  



Can you work with my architect or engineer to develop my site plan?

Absolutely! We plug in great with your existing designers and engineering team. Aside from that, we can also recommend some great partners to handle your design and planning.

How much does a greenhouse cost?

To get a comprehensive quote, we’ll need to ask a few questions about location, objectives, size and scope, cultivation plan, access to water and electricity, and many other variables. Please contact us if you’re in need to build a beautiful greenhouse.

What kind of projects do you do?

Our projects are centered around greenhouses, grow systems, and irrigation systems but we help our clients with a variety of other projects ranging from small to large size and scope. Feel free to reach out to us at to discuss your project.

What is your honesty policy regarding projects?

At Greengold Farms Pampanga (GG Farms), we believe in doing the right thing. If you are thinking of contacting us for a project that involves any kind of corruption, collusion, misconduct, or any dishonesty – we respectfully decline any offers for participation as this does not align with our company principles. This especially applies to overtures made by any private sector contractor and public sector employees. While we understand your need to earn money, we believe there is a right way of doing so. Sadly, there is no shortage of companies and individuals willing to accept working under those circumstances, so feel free to reach out to them instead while we continue to move forward to set the right example.


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