A Very Cool Interactive Philippines Weather Map To Help You On The Farm



It’s a fact of life that farming in the Philippines is subject to climate risks during the monsoon season. Everyone fears the ravishing damage of typhoons and equally the massive rainfalls we experience yearly. Rapid urbanization and a largely clay soil flatland for rice cultivation have contributed to bigger incidences of flooding. Valuable crops are decimated during floods and consequently cause a supply shortage at the retail market. That’s why it’s crucial for growers to be aware of the weather forecast.

Windy.com has the best interactive weather map to help you with planning your farming activities. On the map, you can click the top right button to choose different layers pertaining to wind, rain, temperature, humidity, waves, and many more. You can download the app in the Play Store or you can bookmark this page to have ready access to a very cool weather map.

Greenhouses and tunnel-type enclosures help protect against climate damage for valuable crops. If you’d like to learn how to build a greenhouse, click here.


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