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Smart Farming is the new buzzword in the Philippines. For generations, we have grown food staples such as rice and corn and vegetables in the same way using the same methods. We have endured through many challenges, from adverse climate conditions to soil-based cultivation challenges, and now we’re facing our greatest challenge: the age-ing farmer.


According to recent studies, the average age of a farmer in the Philippines is 57 years old. There is a lack of interest of the young generation to work in agriculture, choosing instead for metro-based office jobs. This creates an alarming situation for the future human resources requirements in vegetable production and puts the national food security at risk.

In an effort to promote our vision to make farming “fun” and “rewarding” for the younger generation, we have developed a modern based greenhouse using Dutch Buckets hydroponics grow system to cultivate vegetables. The focus is to demonstrate that vegetable production does not need to be perceived as “hard work”. Instead, with the implementation of modern cloud based device technology, producing vegetables has never been easier than in a smart greenhouse grow system.


In the video below we describe how a Smart Greenhouse Grow System works for us. We use an irrigation controller and smart socket switches to control the entire nutrient delivery and feeding activities. We’re not completely done yet with installing different technologies so stay tuned for our next videos and blogs.

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