Food Security with a Greenhouse

Food Security is the most important issue today and in the future

We all need food to eat. Without it, we won’t survive. But food is also frequently taken for granted. With the plethora of restaurants, eateries, grocery stores, and markets, we expect there to be food available for purchase whenever we want it. Nobody ever thinks of running out of food to buy. Sure, we all do complain when food prices become expensive, but never do we reasonably stop to think that the supply-chain of food will run out or that we will abruptly stop earning money to be able to afford food.

Until it actually happens.

What is Food Security?

Simply put, it’s the premise that food is available everywhere for everyone that can afford it. The opposite is “food in-security”, which is when food becomes scarcely available and people with or without money can no longer gain access to food. Food insecurity is perhaps the most terrifying prospect in life, able to unhinge the very balance of daily life. Without food, we simply cease to exist.

How To Be Food Secure?

Building a greenhouse with a productive, efficient grow system is the best way to secure yourself against food shortages or food insecurity. During times of calamity and national emergencies, dominated by uncertainty and a bleak outlook towards the normalization of daily life, the only constant is the ability to self-sustain oneself with the produce inside a greenhouse. While food in the stores may run out, vegetables in your greenhouse will not.

The value of a greenhouse overshadows its cost during times of food insecurity. 

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