How To Install Lock Channels and Wiggle Wires on Greenhouse

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The best way to attach UV polyethylene plastic film and fine mesh insect nets on a steel frame greenhouse is by using lock channels and wiggle wires. They are an inexpensive solution and will ensure a durable, long-lasting hold on the materials. Our regional weather is characterized by frequent storms and high winds in coastal areas so using lock channels is good insurance on your greenhouse investment.

A greenhouse should be fully enclosed with protective materials and lock channels make it easy to apply the materials in sections across all areas of the greenhouse. The lock channels are available in either galvanized iron steel 2.0mm thickness or in aluminum profile. They are specifically made for the purpose of holding down materials on the frame. They come in 3 meter segments and are flexible enough to bend across the roof’s arc.

Lock Channels make it easy to apply greenhouse materials in sections across all areas of the greenhouse.


The lock channel and wire wire can help prevent greenhouse plastic tearing that commonly occurs during or after greenhouse installation. The flexibility of this lock channel allows you to bend the channel around the arches of your greenhouse roof line. The galvanized or aluminum allows for easy pre-drilling, welding, or use of self-tapping screws which makes installation easy.

Wiggle wire, is a simple way to install greenhouse coverings, including poly plastic, insect nets, and shade nets, to a steel frame structure. The spring lock is coated with a polymer to elongate lifespan and is used in conjunction with lock channel (or c-channel) to form a tight and secure attachment of your greenhouse covering.

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Measure and cut the lock channel for the section to be applied. Hold in place and spot weld every 6-8″ inches onto the frame. In the absence of a welding tool, you can consider riveting or drilling holes for nuts and bolts, but both of those methods are more time-consuming than direct spot welding.



Place the UV polyethylene plastic film or insect net over the lock channel and hold firmly. Apply the wiggle wire in a smooth left and right motion (hence the term: wiggle wire) to lock the material into the channel. Cut off any exposed remainders at the end of the channel to avoid future punctures.


When you need to interlock film or netting materials together, lock down the materials on the 1st section then place the beginning-side of the materials of the 2nd section on top of the interlocking lock channels, followed by another wiggle wire. It’s perfectly fine to apply more than one wiggle wire on a lock channel, especially in areas where it’s difficult to maneuver or at the sections where the UV film meets the fine mesh insect net at the eave.