The Difference Between Palengke Lettuce and Ours

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We went shopping at our local city palengke at 6am in the morning for lettuce. The reason why this early is because of the early morning arrival of the delivery trucks from Baguio, so the wholesale traders and retailers can procure their goods as early and as fresh as possible.


We purchased three varieties of lettuce: Green Ice (Batavia) at ₱140/kg, Romaine (Cos) at ₱160/kg, and Iceberg lettuce at ₱150/kg. It had only been a year ago when these lettuces were available at ₱100/kg but with the current inflationary forces, it is understandable.

Lettuce on display at the market

This experience was in stark contrast to how we produce, handle, and deliver lettuce to our customers.

Green Ice Lettuce is a mass-market lettuce because of its wide-spread adoption by samgyupsal restaurants. It is a pale green Batavia with long and wide leaves that works with creating wraps. It is the lowest quality of lettuce and the marketprices reflect that.

The immediate observation was the leaves were flimsy, wilted and didn’t feel firm to touch. Chefs and restaurant owners can usually restore some firmness by storing the produce in the fridge before preparing it. At around 170g for this head, 65g was its center stalk.

Next was Romaine lettuce, the main ingredient for Caesar’s salads and other garden salads. At about 150g, the outer leaves felt warm and flimsy. Picking off the leaves one by one, we observed that the leaves were enjoyed by some leafminers, which was probably dealt with by the application of pesticides.

We immediately had to wash our hands after handling these veggies because we simply don’t know if and when the last time the producers used pesticide spray applications before harvest.

This experience was in stark contrast to how we produce, handle, and deliver lettuce to our customers. We all want to eat healthy to feel healthy, but what if the veggies we eat aren’t clean? Unimaginable to think about dining-in a nice restaurant and this being the lettuce you end up eating.

We are committed to continue to produce high quality lettuce, devoid of pesticides and fungicides, and harvested fresh and delivered fresh to our clients’ doorstep. Our greenhouse-grown products is clearly superior to field-grown produce and it is with peace-of-mind that our customers can safely eat our greens with their meals.