Gadgets Are Damaging Your Health More Than What You Think

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In our modern generation today, we can’t deny the fact that gadgets are taking over our whole life. Of course, we will take into consideration the many benefits and advantages of using such. But are we aware that investing too much time on using gadgets can already affect our health? According to a study that I’ve read, Excessive use of gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, and computer desktops can cause physical and mental damage to us humans.

According to a study, a child will likely to become overweight and develop seizure and vision problems when they spend too much time using gadgets. In Central Visayas, one of the regions in the Philippines, a National Nutrition Council (NNC) Region 7 study reported that 3% of children are considered as obese and overweight.

From poor sleep to diminished social interactions to falls while texting and walking, your gadgets may have a bigger impact on your overall health than you realize.  Here are just some of the ways that gadgets are affecting your health:


In a study, it says that the human eye is not adapted for staring at a single point in space for hours on end. Human eyes definitely weren’t designed to stare into a screen for hours without looking up. Looking at your gadget screens for long hours would certainly create a lot of problems for your eyes.


The radiation which releases from the gadgets disturbs the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. A study has shown how electronic media causes sleep disturbances at night among adolescents. One study showed that playing a game involving shooting suppressed levels of melatonin, the hormone that’s involved in regulating cycles of sleep and waking.


Not that gaining weight is bad. But there’s a much more direct relationship between obesity and a digital lifestyle. The reason why some of us are overweight is because we simply don’t move around enough – we don’t move around enough because we’d rather spend most of our time sitting in front of our gadget.


According to studies, individuals who use multiple screens at the same time are more likely to have a shorter attention span of only eight seconds. In addition to it, media multi-tasking changes the physical structure of your brain leading to low cognitive function.


Individuals are more likely to pull out themselves from healthier conversations and interacting socially and are more likely to become hypersensitive to what’s being posted on the internet. According to a study, this compulsive or excessive use of smartphones increases the risk of anxiety and depression which can often lead to suicide.


We spend nearly 50 hours a week looking at computer screens, according to research conducted by the College of Optometrists. Remember that breaks are necessary for good health. If you stare at a screen all day without giving yourself a break, you’re doing much more damage than you may think.