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We’ve developed this handy tool to help you calculate your fertilizer formula for your hydroponics systems. It takes the guesswork out of how many grams or scoops of fertilizers to use to reach a certain target ppm for N while giving you the results for N, P, K, Ca, Mg, and S. In this limited version tool, the calculator parameters are completely adjustable based on what brand of fertilizers you’ll be using. Just enter in the details on the 2nd screen to adjust the % content of the different elements.


1) Enter how many liters are in your reservoir into Total Water Volume L

2) Adjust target ppm of N according to your preference. Otherwise, leave at 150ppm of N.

3) Click NEXT

4) Adjust any % contents of the different elements based on the packaging information of your fertilizer product.

5) Click NEXT

6) Results are shown in grams in case you use a weighing scale or they’re listed in scoops if you use a standard teaspoon.


To download our Hydroponics Fertilizer Calculator app for your IOS/Android device, click HERE