How To Transplant A Seedling Into 2″ Netpot for NFT.

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For newbie Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) growers, one of the most common problem is getting the seedling roots in contact with the nutrient solution after transplanting the seedling into a 2″ inch net pot. This may take a few days and requires continuous topside watering until the roots have emerged and are in contact with the flowing nutrient solution inside the NFT channel.

Especially during hot days, missing just one day of topside watering may kill a plant. That’s why it’s important to take extra care during the sensitive period after transplanting seedlings into net pots. However, in large systems the amount of attention and care to water seedlings becomes arduous.

In this article we will share a better approach to prepare a seedling. This lettuce seedling is grown in cocopeat using a 128-hole seedling tray. Watch the video below and read below for further details.


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Prior to planning the transplanting activity, ensure the seedlings are not too moist and not too dry. You should drench the seedlings the night before transplanting the following morning. The seedling is ready for transplant when the true leaves have emerged and the roots are prolific.


Carefully loosen and remove some cocopeat from the bottom of the seedling and gently pull on the roots. Free up the roots and stretch them downwards.


The bottom of a net pot has convenient holes to allow the roots to penetrate. Carefully insert the seedling and guide the roots inside the holes. Once placed inside, gently pull the roots downwards.


Put a handful of hydroton clay pebbles on the topside of the 2″ inch net pot to offer support to the seedling while also adding cover protection from the sun.


Place the netpot into your NFT channel and ensure the roots are in contact with the nutrient solution. The water level should not be too high or too low. Pull up the net pot again and observe if the roots have touched the nutrient solution. If no contact made, gently stretch out the roots further.