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As a grower, there’s nothing more satisfying than to hear very positive feedback from your customers or friends and family regarding the high quality of your lettuce. While lots of growers seem to only focus on achieving high weight and high yield, there are some of you who place more importance on taste and texture quality. After all, while head weight might be impressive, the repeat orders you receive comes from happy customers because of the taste and freshness of your produce.

Quality Lettuce Starts With Quality Seeds

It may seem easy to grow beautiful heads of lettuce, but it’s quite the opposite. A firm understanding on the biological and chemical processes of the plant’s foliage, roots, and rhizosphere is the foundation for how your hydroponics grow system setup and operation should be. While many think the end-all solution is which brand of fertilizer nutrients to buy, there’s a lot more going on that influences the variables leading to high yield and great tasting lettuce. One of which, is the quality of lettuce seeds you buy.

Rijk Zwaan | Philippines | Holland

Rijk Zwaan is a long standing seed producer with breeding facilities in the Netherlands. They are a new player in the Philippines, vying for a top spot against the established names. While the current seed producers have focused on traditional outdoor soil based mass-market cultivation, which focuses more on yield and resistance rather than quality of produce, this has created a market opening for greenhouse hydroponics growers who are filling the “quality” void in the market.

Rijk Zwaan offers a large selection of high quality lettuce seeds at premium prices. Each variety is engineered and bred to get the best qualities from various cultivars and none of the worst qualities. The seeds come in sealed pillboxes of 1000pcs of pelletized seeds. Be wary of marketplace resellers that re-pack into smaller quantities, because this reduces the germination rate and overall viability.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with the seeds for a while now, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Below is a compilation of different demo-crop videos so you can see for yourself if growing high quality lettuce is for you.



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