Greengold Farms Pampanga (GG Farms) is a market leader in low cost agricultural and greenhouse supplies in the Philippines. We provide consulting and project management services for Businesses, Foundations, LGU’s, and Multi-Purpose Cooperatives.



Agricultural Productivity

Improve productivity and yield optimization by adopting efficient methods of production.


Expand produce utility and versatility to create value-added products in the production chain.

Farm Management

Reduce expenses and improve net margins by lowering input costs of labor, fertilizers, pesticides by adopting organic farming principles.

Retail & Wholesale

We carry low-cost agricultural and horticultural products. Whether for small scale horticultural projects or large mass production operations, we can help you increase your productivity.


Foliar Feeding Explained

  Foliar Feeding Explained   What is Foliar Feeding? Most information you read regarding nutrient uptake refers to root feeding, that is applying the nutrient solution directly to the root zone. However, it is also possible to feed plants by applying nutrients to...

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Hydroponics Explained

  "Hydro" (Greek: Water) + "Ponos" (Greek: Labor) Hydroponics is all about doing more with less. It is of great benefit to those who want to produce flowers, fruits, vegetables, houseplants and other crops using less space than traditional gardening with less input of...

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