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Gardening is all about understanding the environment and measuring the variables. That’s why we measure basic things such as how much water to give the plants and how much fertilizer to use, but we hardly think about how much natural sunlight our plants really need. In general, we take the sun for granted, thinking that the sun gives more than enough energy for the plant to grow. Or we tend to put plants in a covered area shielding plants from too much sun. But how do we know what is “too much” sun or even “too little”?


A light meter would be able to tell you how many lumens or lux are being transmitted onto the plants. A lumen is a unit of measurement that measures of the total quantity of visible light emitted by a light source, such as the sun. A lux is one lumen per square meter, and is a measure of the intensity of light that hits a surface, such as a plant leaf.

We’ve all experienced the disappointment of putting an ornamental plant somewhere in the corner of the house and the plant leaves slowly dying from not being able to capture enough light to convert into energy. We take it outside and let the plant recover but then become hesitant to put it back in the house. Or if you’re growing lettuce in hydroponics systems outdoors, watching the plants wilt during the day because of too much sunlight heat energy.

Many ornamental house plants grow at their best when they receive just enough sunlight and shielded from direct heat transfer from the sun. That’s why it makes sense when you think about how most popular ornamental houseplants grow naturally in the jungle, growing underneath the canopy of tall trees surrounded by moisture and humidity, and supported by a very healthy microbial community on the forest floor.


Knowing the right levels of natural sunlight is a very important tool for growers. That’s why we have developed our own mobile app to help growers determine if their plants are in the right place to receive optimal sunlight. Based on your findings, you can either consider using shade nets if the plants are receiving too much sunlight or if you need to add supplemental lighting if your plants are receiving inadequate sunlight. Available now on Google Play store (Androids only). It’s free to use and works with your phone’s light sensor. You won’t have to buy an expensive light meter with this handy light meter tool.

Click the image below to take you to the Google Play Store to download our light meter app.