Try Horticultural Soap If You’re Uneasy About Using Chemical Sprays

Taking care of plants is harder than it sounds. Just ask anyone with a big plant collection in the house or garden. While it’s nice to have plants inside the house, most plants really need to be put outside to enjoy the full benefits of the sun. The problem then becomes that the plants are easy targets for pests and insects.

Of course we want to keep our plants looking nice, healthy, and shiny but not at the expense of using store-bought chemical pesticides and fungicides. It poses a significant health risk when sprayed around the house, not to mention disrupting the microbial communities residing in the root system of your plants that have been instrumental in making your plants look as healthy as they are.

Dieffenbachia  Dumb Cane & Tropic Snow

Dieffenbachia – Dumb Cane and Tropic Snow

Elephant Ear Alocasia

Alocasia Elephant Ear – Giant Alocasia

Experienced plant growers tend to look for all-natural and organic solutions to combat the invasion of pests and insects. There are tons of DIY foliar spray formulas, which are all put in different combinations to counter various degrees of pest invasion. DIY natural pesticides are cheap and easy to concoct and the grower can be assured of its non-harmful effect on flora and fauna for the use in home and garden. Most formulas include a combination of dish soap, plant-based oil, garlic powder, baking soda, chili powder, and different flavonoids.

We’ve developed our own high quality horticultural soap plant spray after many trial and errors in our greenhouse operations. In the absence of natural predators, we’ve battled against whiteflies, aphids, thrips, army cutworms, and mosquitos. The whitefly turned out to be a formidable opponent, having grown resistant to many different chemical pesticides. After repeated application and observation, we’ve found that horticultural soaps do a great job in treating, repelling, and deterring many invasive pests and their larvae.


Bugs Off Plant Spray is a high quality all-natural concoction of Neem Oil, Castile Soap, and Peppermint Oil. Used in combination, these compounds keep your plant free from small pests while leaving a fresh minty aroma behind. To further refine the efficacy of the product and protect the plant, we’re only using RO (reverse osmosis) water as the base water to avoid leaving hard-water minerals on the leaf surface of the plant. Available in both 250mL and 500mL. You can purchase it below and try for yourself how effective it is.

Bugs Off Plant Spray (Available in 250ml & 500ml)

Bugs Off! All Natural and Organic Plant Spray | Neem Oil & Castile Horticultural Soap | 250mL and 500mL


Keep your home and garden BUG and TOXIC FREE with our all-natural and all-organic 2-in-1 fungicide and insecticide: Bugs Off Plant Spray. It eradicates and repels soft bodied insects such as: aphids, caterpillars, glassy-winged sharpshooters, lace bugs, leaf-hoppers, mealy bugs, plant bugs, psyllids, mites, thrips and whiteflies. It prevents fungal build-ups, too! And above all, it is non-toxic to birds, fish, bees, ladybugs, butterflies, wildlife, and people! Available in 250mL and 500mL.


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