100pcs 4-way Fogger and Misting Hanging Set for Greenhouse Farm Garden

23,750.00 11,500.00

– Great for temperature reduction and humidity increase
– Use for light irrigation
– Attaches to polypipe and hangs downwards
– Covers 1.5m – 2m radius
Color green nozzles
3 – 3.5bar max pressure
26L/H max discharge
1.5m – 2m spray radius
Anti-drainage valve included


In greenhouses, 4-way foggers/misters are used to reduce temperatures and increase humidity, or even provide light irrigation to planter beds, floating rafts, A-frames, Dutch Buckets. These are hanging foggers/misters that snap into any polypipe and hang down 46cm. Use a polypipe hole puncher to create the holes for the assembly.
The 4-way fogger/misting nozzles operate within 3.5bars of pressure and have a max discharge rate of 26L/H with a 1.5m – 2m spray radius. The nozzles are easily dismantled for cleaning and maintenance. Included is an anti-drainage valve that prevents drainage while system is under pressure, maintaining system pressure and enabling immediate startup. It’s also easily dismantled for cleaning and maintenance. To provide weight support, a 6cm weight hammer is included to stabilize the foggers/misters during high pressure startup.