1020 Tray with Humidity Dome

1,498.00 850.00

  • Premium 1020 trays (no holes) with humidifier domes
  • 5.50” height of dome
  • 1020 Trays without holes
  • 1020 Tray dimensions: 21.25” L x 11.25” W x 2.5”H


Injection molded plastic greenhouse seed trays for use when germinating seeds, propagating cuttings, etc. Humidity domes create a great environment for seeds to germinate.

If you are starting from seed, a tray and dome combo will give your young plants a great start. It’s all about creating and controlling the environment for the seedlings. Seed sprouting benefits from temperature, moisture, and humidity, a tray and dome setup will greatly help facilitate this. The tray domes offer adjustable ventilation ports to help the gardener create the perfect conditions for quick and quality start to a plant’s life.

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