10pcs Sprinkler Hanging Set for Greenhouse Farm Garden

2,375.00 1,210.00

  • Great for top-side irrigation to cover a wide area.
  • Use in a greenhouse or outside on your lawn or garden
  • Expandable with fittings and connectors for even greater area coverage!


Sprinkler systems suspended on a line above ground cover a wide area and are great for small tree and plant seedling nurseries that are cultivated in polybags. It reduces time and effort for application compared to manual labor. It’s very easy to install, hang the sprinkler system at least 10 feet above the ground and simply use a brass coupling to connect the sprinkler system to your hose or via PVC or poly pipes to your watersource in the garden or farm.

The sprinklers have a coverage radius of about 2m, depending on the inlet water pressure. This is great for inside your greenhouse/nursery or even outside for your lawn or garden.