400grams Leila Pure Ghee

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  • An Eastern staple for generations, ghee is rapidly gaining currency among Keto lovers.You can think of ghee, a very stable cooking fat, asbutter in clarified form.Heating butter leads to the separation of theliquid butterfatand themilk solidswhich float on up to the top. This process leaves you with clarified butter.With the milk solids removed, ghee is virtually free of milk sugars and proteins, making it a smart choice for anyone with lactose intolerance or sensitivity to the proteins in dairy. And that’s why we thinkghee is way better than butter on Keto!Ghee is a great choice for those on Keto who want a great-tasting and versatile fat with proven health benefits. Unless you’re very intolerant to dairy (e.g., lactose or casein allergies), ghee is delicious and healthy for a ketogenic diet. Add it to yourKeto coffee, cook with it, and spread it onKeto bread.We’ll glance now at some of the best things about this Keto-friendly fat. (Check out thislist of keto fatsfor more options.)The Many Benefits Of GheeBoosts Energy:The wide range of fats in ghee include medium-chain fatty acids, which can be readily processed for ketone production and quick energy.
  • Great For Cooking:Ghee has a very highsmoke pointof 485 degrees, higher than most oils, making it the perfect Keto-friendly cooking fat.
  • Vitamin-Rich:Like butter, high-quality ghee is packed with nutrients including the fat-soluble vitamins. (1) Vitamin K2 can actually be hard to come by in food and has many health benefits of its own. (2)Dr. Taz Bhatia, M.D.says, “In general, healthy natural fats such as and avocado, olive & coconut oils and ghee (clarified butter) are nourishing on the digestive tract and necessary for the absorption of vitamins A, D, E & K.”
  • Reduces Risk of Allergies:With the dairy sugars and proteins cooked away, ghee gives you that tempting taste of butter without the potential downsides of dairy.
  • Great For Bone Building:The vitamin K2 in ghee helps proper bone growth and development while also safeguarding your arteries against atherosclerosis.
  • Can Be Beneficial For Weight Loss:Ghee containsCLA(conjugated linoleic acid), a fatty acid that has been linked to weight loss. (6) Also, the medium-chain triglycerides in ghee are hard for the body to store, potentially helping you to shift a few pounds. (7)
  • Reduces Inflammation:Ghee containsbutyric acid, a highly ketogenic short-chain fatty acid that has anti-inflammatory effects. (8,9)
  • Anti-Cancer Effects:The butyrate in ghee also has several properties that make it protective against cancer. (10)
  • Makes Beautiful Children:Clinical NutritionistJosh Gitalis, IFMCP, says, “If you’re planning on trying to conceive anytime soon, vitamin K2 is an important nutrient to incorporate into your diet. According to the Weston A. Price Foundation, vitamin K2 plays a crucial role in facial and dental development. Children born to mothers with high levels of vitamin K2 are more likely to have wide, symmetrical faces with plenty of room for straight, healthy teeth later on.”
  • Unlike ordinary butter,LEILA Pure Gheedoes not contain any milk solids; hence it can be heated to higher temperature without burning and smoking.