4x50m 50 Mesh Insect Net for Greenhouse Nursery

10,000.00 8,500.00

  • 50 Mesh keeps smaller insects out
  • 4 meters wide x 50 meters length
  • Great for 5x20m greenhouse!
  • Double-stitched every meter for extra durability
  • Best used with Lock Channels + Wiggle Wires


Using a fine mesh insect net is important for any vegetable production greenhouse to keep the bugs, insects, critters, birds, and pests out. It provides the most sensible solution to maintaining healthy vegetables without using pesticide or insecticide. If you are conscious about eating fresh, healthy vegetables, you must use a fine mesh net to cover your grow area.


The 50 mesh net is 4m wide composed of double stitched 1m segments for extra durability and strength. Use lock channels and wiggle wires to properly clamp down the fine mesh insect net on your frame. Read here to learn how.