Aluminet Shade Net 50% for Greenhouse or Outdoor Farm 2x50m


  • Super Quality Aluminet for Greenhouse or Outdoor use.
  • Reflects heat rather than absorbing heat
  • Provides for more diffused light in the plant canopy
  • Encourages better plant growth and higher yields


50% shade rating allows 50% natural light transmission. The 50% shading factor and maximum cooling ability of Aluminet shade net screen makes this the perfect solution for shading both greenhouses and all types of pet or animal enclosures. Aluminet shade net is a special knitted screen made from metalized HDPE giving the fiber durability and longevity. These properties allow Aluminet shade net to function like a mirror during hot days as its unique aluminized fibers reflect unwanted sunlight and heat from your greenhouse. These same properties also serve to retain valuable heat during the cooler nights.

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