Fine Mesh Net for Greenhouse Nursery 12ft x 300ft 24 mesh


Mesh Net (24) for Greenhouse Nursery to protect from small insects, pests, and birds.

  • 12ft x 300ft
  • 24-mesh per inch
  • Color: White


Mesh Net (24) for Greenhouse Nursery

Fine Mesh Net 24 is a heavy duty 100% polyethylene UV stabilized fine mesh that keeps out practically all garden pests such as whitefly, black fly, cabbage root fly, caterpillars, birds and other insects thanks to the incredibly small ultra fine mesh.

Light enough to be laid directly over crops, the ultra fine insect mesh netting also provides protection against mild frosts, heavy rain, wind and hail. Fine Mesh Insect Net is available in 12ft (3.6m) widths.


  • Protect against Black Fly, Whitefly, Aphids, Carrot Root fly, caterpillars, birds and other insects.
  • Fine Insect Mesh Netting has a 24 mesh
  • Unique oblong hole construction creates a very fine barrier against white fly and other insects for great results but still allows good airflow and water transmission
  • Reduces rain splash and hail damage to crops
  • Install on frame with lock channels and wiggle wires.
  • Mesh offers 25% Shade – 75% light transmission depending on positioning
  • Mesh provides approx. 65% airflow – again depending on positioning
  • 100% polyethylene heavy-duty UV stabilised material
  • A long lasting superior weighted netting
  • Effective for both domestic and commercial use

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