Hormex Root Growth Stimulant & Vitamin Hormone – 1oz

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  •  Contains Vitamin B-1 plus a Root Growth HormoneMake indoor plants thrive. Root Cuttings. Keeps cut flowers fresher. Prevents transplant shock by stimulating small feeder roots which become damaged during transplanting.


Transplanting: Drench newly planted soil area with Hormex solution containing 1 teaspoonful per 10 gallons water (10 drops/gallon). One week later and each week until established, apply Hormex at the rate of 1 teaspoonful per 20 gallons water.

Bare Root Planting: Before placing bare root plants into soil, soak plants for 15 minutes in solution of 50 drops Hormex per gallon water. Then treat plants as per heading “Transplanting.”

Indoor Plants: Apply 1 drop of Hormex per quart water at each watering. This will help the plants develop healthy roots.

Cut Flower: 1-2 drops Hormex per quart vase.

Cuttings: Dip the basal inch of cuttings into full strength Hormex for 1 minute before planting in a propagation media.