Hydroponic starter Grow Kit

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  • Plant Food Hydroponics Nutrient Solution for all Vegetables
  • Used for Hydroponics Plant Growing
  • Sold per set1, set consists of A & B 500ml Each
  • The box contains (1) Food Plant 500mL A and (1)Food Plant 500mL B, and durable Plastic Measuring Cup
  • Ideal for low cost urban gardening or rooftop gardening
  • Enhance growth rate of plants like cucumber, pechay, lettuce, celery, Ampalaya, and more…
  • No expiration date
  • Formula is used by one of the biggest and pioneering of hydroponics farming inLuzon Area.
  • Coco peat, also called coir or coir dust, provides an alternative to potting soil featuring high water retention, suitable aeration and antifungal benefits.
  • Hydroponic cuppotsare used to anchor the plants in the system.
  • Loose leaf lettuce varieties are those lettuces that do not form a compact head. Their flavor tends to be mild and sweet.