Lalique Rijk Zwaan – Crystal Green Lettuce by Greengold Farms | 1000 seeds |


  • One of our absolute favorites to grow in our greenhouse hydroponics systems.
  • Lalique Crystal Lettuce seeds from Rijk Zwaan.
  • 1000 seeds per pack. 100% sealed and authentic.
  • Great germination rates using cocopeat and seedling trays.
  • It is a green crystal lettuce that can be planted year round for hydroponic production.
  • Leaves are crispy and tasty, in between loose leaf and iceberg lettuce.
  • It won’t get bitter in any condition.
  • Do not accept repacked or opened packs.
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Rijk Zwaan seeds are excellent performers in hydroponics systems both in DWC floating rafts or NFT. If you need help with determining how much fertilizers to use, check out our handy Hydroponics Fertilizer Calculator tool to help you determine the best recipe for your plants.