Mulberry Seedlings


  • Sweet black mulberry seedlings
  • Propagated cuttings using high quality potting media
  • Transplant in a good location under the full sun
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Black Mulberry

The Black Mulberry (Morus Nigra), from the Moraceae family, is a gardener’s favorite due to the tree’s low maintenance and high yield possibility. Mulberry grows fast and can reach upwards of 10m if not pruned back. he leaves are shiny, full green and smooth. They love the full sun and are adaptable in many different kinds of soils with good drainage characteristics (pH 5.0 to 7.0). They require very little fertilization and are not prone to many different insects and bugs. The fruits are sweet and tart and make a great snack. The leaves can be used as animal fodder or made into a delicious cup of tea.

We propagate only the finest cuttings from the sweetest trees in a rich potting media to ensure the young seedling will have all the right conditions to grow into a great big tree producing sweet, tarty fruit for picking.

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