Plastic Mulch 3ft x 400m


  • Plastic Mulch 3ft x 400m – great for garden beds.
  • Eliminate weeds growth and competition for nutrients.
  • Retain moisture in the rootzone – save time, effort, and water.
  • Reusable and recyclable.
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Plastic Mulch 3ft x 400m

Benefits of mulching:

  • Earlier Crop Growth — Plastic mulch has a “greenhouse” effect on soil, effectively trapping heat to raise its temperature. This enables growers to begin planting sooner in growing season than they could with organic varieties, and also results in more rapid crop development and earlier yields.
  • Stronger Weed Control — Sunlight helps foster the growth of weeds by compacting soil; plastic mulch blocks sunlight from reaching the soil around the plant, thus preventing weeds from appearing. Black polyethylene and other opaque films in particular are useful for this purpose, blocking a wider range of weeds than organic mulches.
  • Better Moisture Retention — Plastic mulch helps limit evaporation of water from soil, leading to better moisture retention. Because of this, less water is required for irrigation.
  • Minimized Fertilizer Leaching — Plastic mulches prevent an excess of water from going into the soil, helping to limit the loss of plant nutrients through leaching. Because the mulch is restrictive in this sense, it is most ideal to use it in conjunction with the drip irrigation method, which allows the addition of water and fertilizer in small amounts.
  • Higher Crop Quality — Plastic mulch helps crops avoid direct contact with soil; this results in the plants being cleaner. It also works to prevent rot as mud from irrigation is not splashed on the crops.


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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 92 × 13 × 13 cm

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