Bale Verde – Urban Rooftop Smart Greenhouse

BALE VERDE – An Urban Rooftop Smart Greenhouse Concept

The concept of an urban rooftop greenhouse is one of the solutions to quell the increase in prices of salad vegetables and makes efficient use of available space in a densely populated city. A vegetable production greenhouse perched on top a rooftop in the city gives the grower more control using modern technologies that is meant to make growing easier.

Bale Verde is our prototype rooftop greenhouse design with integrated hydroponics grow system with remote operation via cloud-based applications to pave the way for the others to follow. The setup is configured for production but we’ll be doing lots of research in achieving maximum yield. Our goal is to lead the progressive movement to bring farm products closer to the city and by doing so, be able to influence more affordable, high quality, pesticide-free salad vegetables in restaurants and homes.



As vegetable growers ourselves, there’s no justifying the skyrocketing prices of vegetables. The production costs in our hydroponics system is very little compared to yields attainable. The answer is, simply, that traditionally we get most of our vegetables from Benguet and that the supply and flow of goods to our local markets and grocery chains is highly controlled by a group of traders. Naturally, the trade associations are less interested in providing cheap, healthy vegetables in our markets than the never-ending pursuit of profit. Our yearly natural calamities are further excuses to keep prices artificially inflated for the reason of restricting supply to bump up demand.


A vegetable production greenhouse situated in the metro area of a major city is the embodiment of a modern farm. Vegetables are closer to the end point with no major trucking, logistics, or passing of hands from traders. These vegetables can then go directly to the restaurant at lower cost which translates into lower consumer prices, which is a win-win for all consumers now able to focus on a healthier diet. An urban rooftop redefines the “farm-to-market” concept into “farm-to-fork”. Restaurant owners are very risk averse when it comes to securing the constant supply of vegetables and by having an urban rooftop greenhouse, there will be a steady supply of year-around vegetables.

We can imagine a future in the Philippines where greenhouses are all over the city skyline producing the finest quality, pesticide-free, salad vegetables and where everyone can now choose to eat healthier and adopt a healthier lifestyle.


If you own small or big restaurants or hotels, we’d be more than happy to help you. Feel free to send us an email to 




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