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Beyond Fresh by Don Avelino in Pasay, Metro Manila

In the middle of a very crowded area in Pasig City, we created an urban greenhouse hydroponics facility for Dr. Avelino and his family. The mission was simple: to produce and make high quality lettuce available for the residents and workers in the Pasig/Ortigas area. The build included a rainwater harvesting catchment which serves as a the recirculation sump and mixing tank by way of filters and pumps. As a production greenhouse, we focused on maximizing the available grow spaces and minimize unused, unproductive spaces. The hydroponics system consists of something we refer to as a biologically active NFT hydroponics system, which makes use of the relationship between biological microbes and the nutrient chemistry to enhance sustainability and push the boundaries between yield vs nutrition vs quality. The lettuces produced here are of the highest quality of taste without any doubt.

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