Hydroponics in Bataan

Yabut Hydroponics in Bataan

Hydroponic tomatoes and green leaf vegs in the works at the Yabut demo-farm in Bataan. Equipped with a robust knowledge of blending different ratios of plant-specific chemicals, Mrs Yabut seeks to share her knowledge with the community by demonstrating how modern agriculture is the way to move forward.

Greengold Farms Pampanga (GG Farms) is a market leader in low-cost agri-supplies. We provide consulting for Agro-Businesses, Foundations, LGU’s, and Multi-Purpose Cooperatives. We encourage those with a passion for agriculture to improve overall productivity.

Agricultural Productivity

Improve productivity and yield optimization by adopting efficient methods of production.


Expand produce utility and versatility to create value-added products in the production chain.

Farm Management

Reduce expenses and improve net margins by lowering input costs of labor, fertilizers, pesticides by adopting organic farming principles.

Farm to Market

Create and expand direct networks for farm producers to meet buyers, eliminating middle-men and market-makers to improve overall net profits.