Lucky Agri Eco Tourism – Integrated Hydroponics Greenhouse

Integrated Hydroponics Greenhouse – Sta Ana, Mexico

We developed a modern integrated hydroponics greenhouse. Our design team utilized design principles with quality structural materials to build a modern tropic-type greenhouse to deal with regional climate challenges. For the hydroponics, we developed an A-frame Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) system and implemented a 144-unit Dutch Bucket system. Both systems use recycled water to maximize the water usage and minimize water losses. There’s a trellising system suspended above the Dutch Bucket system, making it ideal for tomato, cucumber, ampalaya, honey dew melon and other crawling vine type plants. The NFT system is suitable for greenleaf vegetables such as different lettuce varieties and herbs.

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Agricultural Productivity

Improve productivity and yield optimization by adopting efficient methods of production.


Expand produce utility and versatility to create value-added products in the production chain.

Farm Management

Reduce expenses and improve net margins by lowering input costs of labor, fertilizers, pesticides by adopting organic farming principles.

Farm to Market

Create and expand direct networks for farm producers to meet buyers, eliminating middle-men and market-makers to improve overall net profits.