Greenhouse Grown Greens

Cultivated by our experienced growers

Hydroponically Produced

Safe, clean and environmentally responsible grow systems

Environmental Sustainability

Low carbon footprint production by using solar-power, rainwater collection, composting

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GGF is the best source for the freshest greens in Angeles City! Their Salanova and Batavia lettuces have become the family favorites!


Marketing Manager & Yogi

I am not really a fan of eating greens because it’s hard to find ones that are organic and pesticide free.. BUT Greengold Farms Pampanga made me love their different varieties of lettuce because they are always fresh and crisp and the best is that - they are pesticide free!!! I know it’s safe to give them to my kids too!! Since I’ve known Greengold Farms Pampanga, adding fresh greens to our meals has been a staple! It is easy to place orders and they deliver fast too.
Doc Joy

Owner, Chua Eye Center & The Yoga Playroom

Greengold Farms provides quality and the freshest lettuce I have ever seen. The process behind how they cultivate such produce is something to be proud of. Trusting only the experts!


Owner, VGJ Trading

I regularly order green frisée lettuce from GGF. It tastes really good and it is surprisingly crunchy. Much better compared to lettuce from the palengke.

Ms Minda

Teacher, Angeles City National Trade School


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