We Have A Roblox Game!

Jul 1, 2022

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While on summerbreak, our 8-yr old decided to make the most of his time by creating our very own Roblox game, aptly called Greengold Farms – The Game 


Enjoyed by millions of players around the globe, our little developer wanted to bring forward and share what we do in the Roblox-world. We watched him in great awe when he toggles in between code scripting and design to create the small subtleties that makes a game experience fun in his eyes.

As adults, we have absolutely no idea what and how everything is bring coded and designed but it was great fun watching him develop this game by himself. So if you have kids, or if you are a big kid yourself, please enjoy our humble little game and feel free to give us some feedback (both positive or negative) so our little developer can use it to make the game even better!


Well, the idea of the game is to roam around and explore; play mini-games, plant seeds and harvest in a tycoon setup, and learn something new in a fun, immersive experience. The little developer also said something about there being a hidden Easter Egg surprise.

To play, please follow this link: